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“For my son mathematics was a challenge and he always wanted to avoid it, but eTutorsZone brought his lost interest back.”

-Parent of 7th and 11th graders

“It's comforting and reassuring to know that you have a highly qualified teacher available to augment your homeschooling.”

-Home School Parent

“Before I started tutoring, I had C grades in English. Once I found a tutor who cared about my school progress, my grades started to go up to B's.”

-Mohita, 9th grader

“Working in the comfort of a home environment, with undivided attention, has been a blessing for [my daughter] as she was behind her class due to lack of concentration.”

-Parent of 6th grader

“I love eTutorsZone because it's a different approach to learning math. I have a lot of fun with my teacher, and she works really well with my learning style.”

-Vishal Singh, 9th grader

“Ms. Roxann did not criticize or try to change my work. She helped me polish my essays. My writing improved each time we worked together, and I felt we were a team.”

-11th grader, home-schooled

“My son received an A- for his final semester grade. Your service was invaluable!"

-Anjali, parent of 10th grader

“The tablet technology and quick video learning was a breeze and my kid loved the experience.”

-Parent of 6th grader

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